WRAP – Wellness Recovery Action Plan

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) is a self-management and recovery system used by Supporting Families. It was developed by Mary Ellen Copeland who was affected with mental health difficulties and who was struggling to incorporate wellness tools and strategies into her life. She has shared this model with people with other illnesses and they too believe that it can be easily adapted for use with other conditions. WRAP is designed to:

  • Decrease and better able to manage intrusive or troubling feelings and behaviours
  • Increase personal empowerment
  • Improve quality of life
  • Assist people in achieving their life goals and dreams

WRAP is a structured system to monitor uncomfortable and distressing symptoms that can help you reduce, modify or eliminate those symptoms by using planned responses. This includes plans for how you want others to respond when symptoms have made it impossible for you to continue to make decisions, take care of yourself or keep yourself safe.

People who are using WRAP say:

  • “It helps me feel stronger and more confident.”
  • “I feel better able to cope, I realised that I am responsible for my own life and I know how to look after myself better now”

The person developing their own WRAP plan may choose to have supporters and health care professionals such as Supporting Families help them create their WRAP.