Peer Support Groups

Supporting Families runs Peer to Peer Support Groups for both Men and  Women.

  • Womens Peer to Peer Support groups – facilitated by women for women
  • Mens Peer to Peer Support groups – facilitated by men for men

Each group is a 10 week, 2 hours /week programme for adults 17+  with anywhere between 5 and 10 participants attending.

It is aimed at building self-esteem and confidence by developing new skills and strategies to help with daily living and keeping well. It is not about “fixing things” but building on strengths.

The programme has been developed by Supporting Families for the Wairarapa community and is based on a concept developed by Mary Ellen Copeland who identified five key concepts as being important to a person’s well being – Hope, Personal Responsibility, Education, Self-Advocacy and Support , (including peer support and peer counselling) – along with “tricks” for feeling better, which we now call Wellness tools. Over the course of the group we look at each of these in turn, sharing what’s worked and not worked for us and as a result learning new skills and strategies, making new friends and realizing that we are not alone in our journey.

In the last 2 weeks of the group, each person takes the tools and strategies that they’ve found will work for them to create their own personal Wellness Plan (WRAP) that can be used to keep things on track when life throws us a curve ball.

We  offer a safe supportive environment to share experiences and learn new skills.

How you will benefit:
  • By enhancing or rekindling the feeling of Hope and enjoying a better quality of life
  • Creating a daily plan that identifies the things we need to do to stay well and ultimately enhance our  well being
  • Becoming aware of the early warning signs of sad or anxious feelings along with targeted coping strategies
  • Becoming more self aware of what you want and how to advocate successfully to achieve your dreams and aspirations
  • Learning specific personal triggers for negative thoughts and feelings
  • Gain opportunities for networking and making new friends at a peer to peer level

The group is led by trained facilitators who can provide knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help to group participants.  

The groups are open to anyone, so if you are interested come along to Supporting Families and talk to one of the staff and find out more about it.

These groups are funded by the Christine Taylor Mental Health Foundation for which we are extremely grateful for.