Our values and what’s really important to us

Our values define the beliefs and values that are important to Supporting Families that guide us in how we act, behave and deliver our services to our community.

We do this because it:
Helps us focus, make the right decisions, employ the right people, and fulfill our vision and mission statements.

We know who we are, who we want to be, and helps us hold ourselves accountable to the things we commit to.

The values that Supporting Families have committed to are:

We respect the diversity of people’s values and choices and will not let our own values and beliefs cloud our attitude and behaviour towards others.

We acknowledge that families/whānau and tangata whaiora have their own strengths and are the best at making decisions regarding their own well being. We will support all to develop their individual and collective leadership potential by the various programmes and services we provide.

We acknowledge and respect the diversity of individuals and groups. We ensure that everyone is valued for who they are and treated with equal importance. We will provide a safe environment and ensure all those that use our services are aware of the appropriate standards of behaviour while accessing our services.

We will support people to make their own choices regarding their own idea of recovery. We will support pathways to inclusion in our communities by providing resources, information and knowledge and education.

We will build positive relationships with communities, people who work within our communities, tangata whaiora and families/ whānau based on honesty, reliability and confidentiality. These relationships are important to us and will be fostered and nurtured to ensure that trust and professional behaviour underpins all our relationships. We will act with transparency to ensure the safety of all within the service.