Family/Whānau Support

Family / Whānau and Friends Matter

It can be distressing when someone close to you is experiencing mental illness. If you are a family member or friend of someone experiencing a mental health or addiction issue, it’s likely that you will have lots of concerns, emotions and questions about how you can best support your family member or friend.

We help families work through their own dynamics and aid understanding of what a family member or friend is going through. Our Family / Whānau Support Worker can assist with strategies for coping and making contact with relevant services and support groups. We will work with you to ensure that you have access to:

  • Support Groups
  • Advocacy
  • Education Groups
  • Information
How To Access Our Services

If you are concerned about someone’s mental health and / or addiction issues and want support you can:

  • Ask us to meet with you, your family, whānau and friends at your place or ours.
  • Call us, drop in or email us
  • Ask your GP or other health professional to refer you

You are welcome to bring a family / whānau member or friend for support.

Support, Advocacy and Information

We can provide:

  • Advocacy for you and your family / whānau at appointments with agencies working with your family member or friend.
  • Support and information on mental illness
  • Mental health recovery and self-care
  • Care and Crisis Management
  • Liaison with Adult Mental Health, CAMHS and Community Services
  • Facilitate  What’s Working, What’s Not Working hui
  • Information on The Privacy, Mental Health Acts, Consumer rights, Family rights and other related subjects
  • Access to the latest research into mental illness and addictions via the internet
Support Groups

Support groups for family, whānau and carers meet bi-monthly providing opportunities to meet others who may have been through or are going through similar experiences . Our groups promote peer support and social networking allowing families / whānau to share their stories, get support and share information.

Programmes and Education

We can tailor education around mental health issues to meet your groups needs. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your training needs.

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