323 Queen Street, Masterton ¦ Ph: 06 377-3081

Pathways to Wellbeing

We provide a range of support services for families / whānau and individuals who experience mental illness and addiction. 

Our Services

We promote wellbeing by:

  1. Providing information on mental health, addiction and disability
  2. Supporting family/whānau/friends who care for someone with a mental illness and/or addiction with education, information and advocacy
  3. Providing advocacy to people with experience of mental illness or addiction by working in partnership with you. We will advocate on your behalf, support you to be respected and have your rights heard and ultimately to assist you to obtain the services you need
  4. Supporting people with experience of mental illness, addiction or other disability into employment, further education and community participation
  5. Promoting the rights and needs of individuals and families affected by mental illness and addiction
  6. Reducing stigma around mental illness, addiction and disability through education and support

Our services are free, completely confidential and acknowledge and respect different cultural and spiritual values